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12 Replies to “India bulls housing finance short trade details”

  1. Sir, please explain why did you decide to short at the 4th candle, also what was the trigger for you to book profits at towards the right side of the chart…and you have marked volume part as well. what does that mean.. please some interpretation on the chart will help us.

    1. It breaks one month support 610 with gap down opening & that gave me conviction to sell after 4th candle. Last volume still indicating that it will go down further.
      I will take entry again below 538.

  2. Tomorrows view i feel its bullish…from looking at 1 hr chart..has support, AB=CD pattern and fib retracement of 0.786..what do u say?

  3. Awesome. Site ka shurawath short candidate Bull Bull. This is a lovely proof that v love
    Shorting. Was perfect levelled trade.

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